DMing for the First Time

So one of our players is away for a few weeks and so our normal D&D campaign is stalled. Maybe we could come up with some plausible way to play without him…then again, no. He’s too much a part of the group.

Then, because I’m stupid and idiotic and rash, I mentioned that I had an idea.

(this is a big mistake. never, ever let anyone know that you have talents, ideas or resources. because then they expect you to use them or share them.)

I was inspired by the old Robin Hood TV series that has that cheesy theme song and it’s in black and white.

Yeah, this one

It’s heroic and romantic and cheesy and the Sheriff of Nottingham is improbably evil

Sheriff: Killing babies, you say? Must ponder this brilliant scheme

and the heroes are white as snow

Robin Hood: Outlaws without Borders? That sounds brilliant!

but it’s great TV and I thought it would be fun inspiration for a brief little D&D campaign. Nothing serious.

My plan is for the Sheriff to hire the PCs to kill the terrible evil bandits that are harassing his town. If I can play my cards right or my fellow gamers are exceedingly kind and pretend to not realize…well, anyway, the plan is for a twist. Surprise! You’re working for the bad guys!  Oh, and Robin Hood has been captured, oh noes!

It sounded (to me) to be fairly simple. Sadly, I play with interesting and varied individuals who have decided to create wonderful characters with detailed backstories and in short I am terrified out of my mind WHY DID I EVER THINK OF DOING THIS! Now I must live up to these amazing players!


June 9, 2010. Uncategorized.

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