My Gaming Background

My gaming background, to be frank, is quite pathetic. At least if you define it in traditional terms. I’m not interested in computer or console games. Pacman is about as sophisticated as I get when it comes to computer games. Storytelling has always drawn me, though. I loved making up stories and acting them out with my siblings.

My brother and I used to enact vicious battles between Captain Cardinal and General Bluejay, sworn enemies. If we had been smart, we would have written a glossy handbook and sold sets of randomized miniatures. Instead, we would continue to play until we were bored and declared a tie. We never admitted defeat. It was always a tie.

So when I first tried out a roleplaying game just a few months ago, it felt strangely familiar. Yes, there were more dice involved and a few more numbers to track. But it wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before. Unlike board games or computer games, this world was so much freer and open. I could really do anything I wanted to do and it felt instantly freeing.

Now that I have a serious case of the RPG bug, I figure that I might as well chronicle my adventures into gaming..dom. I’ll see how it goes!

June 5, 2010. Uncategorized.

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